Chat TV Leads To Quickie

Thursday, March 22, 2012
         I was really bored one night so I decided to check out the TV chat rooms - you know, those shows where they flash message exchanges. A guy posted his number saying he was lonely and needed a new friend. I got curious so I decided to text him. Pretty soon we became close text mates. Finally, the day came when he asked that we meet up and since I was already comfortable with him I said yes. We met in a mall, had dinner. He asked me where I wanted to go next. I said, “Anywhere would do.” He must have taken that as a sign because he then confessed that he was really not lonely, that he just wanted to “play.” Being a naughty girl myself, I said "I know". LOL. Then we went to his pad, ripping each other’s clothes off and exchanging kisses and licks. He was a damn good kisser - sucked my boobs hard and finger-fucked me well, too. I gave him a smashing blow job and he loved it. We’ve been seeing each other regularly for more hot sex since.


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