Lee Jun-ki quits filming to fulfill his army duty

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Military service has been looming for a while for Lee Jun-ki, but in a surprising turn, he has announced that he will enlist next week, on May 3. As a 1982-er, Lee would have to enlist by the end of this year, but he received his papers shortly after beginning his new film project.This forces him not only to drop his upcoming drama Faith, which would have paired him with Kim Hee-sun and Philip

Choi Si-won is humble and sexy!

Actor and singer Choi Si-won of the Kpop group Super Junior is a Super Hot guy. Not only he's super hot he's also considered by his co-star as someone who's humble and sweet. Sounds like the type of guy you want to bring home to your parents?Check him out in the following interview with Ariang Korea.

Kara to kick start activities in Japan in July

K-pop girl group Kara [DSP Media]Female idol group Kara will be kicking off their activities in Japan coming this July, according to their agency DSP Media on Wednesday."The girls have signed an official contract with Universal Music Japan and will begin their musical careers in the country during the latter half of the year," DSP Media stated in a press release.The girls had visited Japan in

Vietnam first Cosmopolitan issue

Vietnamese beauty and former Miss Vietnam Nguyen Thuy Lam has the honour of gracing the first issue of Cosmopolitan Vietnam May issue. The parent company Hearst Magazines announced that the popular international magazine will be released in the nation's capital cities Hanoi and HCM City. The first edition will be sold for VND 29,800 which is the equivalent of USD 1.55. The Vietnamese edition of

Hyeon Bin to hold fan meeting in Japan this week

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Korean actor Hyeon Bin [AM Entertainment]Korean actor Hyeon Bin will be visiting Japan later this week to hold a fan meeting in Yokohama, according to his agency AM Entertainment.An official at AM explained that the actor will be meeting with some 7,000 fans at the event titled "2010 Hyeon Bin Do the motion? Aloha, My barista!" on Thursday afternoon, 5 p.m, at the Yokohama Arena.The actor is

Oh Ji-ho's never before seen before wild look

Actor Oh Ji-ho is featuring in the fashion magazine W KOREA's May issue.The photoshoot was taken in Hawaii Honolulu. Wearing only a pair of jeans and shirtless Oh is showing off his six-pack and tanned complexion. Oh I am drooling.... :P

Mel Gibson's First Chinese Film

The movie "What women want" starring Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt is reportedly will be remake in Chinese.CRI reports:Chinese actor Andy Lau will work with Hollywood star Mel Gibson on the Chinese remake of "What Women Want". It will be the first time Gibson acts in a Chinese-language film, Sina.com.cn reports.Polybona, a Beijing-based film distributor, bought the adaptation rights to "What Women

South Korea seeks law to protect actresses from sexual advances

File picture of South Korean actress Jang Ja-Yeon, who killed herself after suggesting she had been forced to have sex with influential figures to promote her career. CNA has reported that South Korean are seeking protection for actresses against unwanted advances and sexual harrassment from influential figures. After the incident that occurred last year when the young actress Jang Ja-yeon who

William Chan new MV ft. Charlene Choi

William Chan - 穿心箭 (MV)Charlene Choi plays "resist but welcoming" girl in William Chan's new MVWilliam Chan was shooting for the MV to his new song <穿心箭> and asked big sister Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) to be the female lead. William is a bartender in the MV and had always had a crush on Ah Sa, but was afraid to confess to her, until one night. In the MV, Ah Sa and her boyfriend got into a fight, so

Joe Ma & Sharon Chan, no love sparks

Once known as the "Rumor King", in the recent year Joe Ma has gotten rid of that title, drawing a line with rumors. He is now seen as a good man taking care of his family. With him is the tall Sharon Chan who claims herself as the "Rumor Insulator", therefore even after so many collaborations between the two, there's still no love sparks, it's just "brotherhood".Sharon defended the "cool" looking

Kate Tsui, Vivien Yeo, Grace Wong dances to Wonders Girl "Nobody"

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Yesterday Vivien Yeo, Kate Tsui, Grace Wong, Cilla Lok Tung and Wu Fung were in Tseung Kwan O recording for "Big Fun Hong Kong". For the opening of the show, the group had to learn the dance routine for popular Korean group Wonder Girls' Nobody performance. Wu Fung still appeared young and was able to keep up with the beat. Kate and Grace's body twists for the dance was pretty hot.Vivien Yeo's

What will Jang Dong-gun's baby look like?

The above pic is a computer prediction of what Jang Dong-gun and wife-to-be Go So-young 's baby. Go who is now 3 months pregnant is preparing to wed Jang on May 2nd in Seoul. With a baby on the way, netizens are curious as to what the baby would look like. We can be very confident that with the parents good looks the baby will turn out to be very beautiful nevertheless. Credit - Popseoul

Nicholas Tse Celebrates Supporting Actor Award On New Shaolin Temple Set

Nicolas Tse has had a very good year. His wife is expecting their second child in a few weeks and a week ago Nicolas was awarded with the best supporting actor for his role in Bodyguards and Assassins at the 2010 Hong Kong Film Awards.Returning to work on the set of his new project Shaoling Temple starring Andy Lau and Jacky Chan, the cast and crew members threw a party for him celebrating his

Oh Ji-ho in Japan promoting Chuno

Oh handsome actor Oh Ji-ho was in Tokyo, Japan on April 22nd to promote the new kdrama Chuno (aka Slave Hunters). Oh plays the lead along with Lee Dae-hee and Jang Hyuk.The visit to Japan coincide with his birthday as such Japanese fans presented Oh with a birthday cake.Source - Chosun Online

Jay Chou "Superman Cant Fly" released

Jay CHou has released his new single Superman Can’t Fly (Chao ren bu hui fei) today.Check it out!

Rain On The Cover Of TIME Magazine!

Isn't it great to see an Asian celebrity made to the list of TIME's100 most influencial person?! We all know Rain is a mega star in Asia who would have guessed that he's now listed amongst the influence people like Bono and Michelle Obama. BTW, where's Rain? can you spot him in the pic above?Hint: He’s around the zeros near Reese Witherspoon.

Daniel Henney and Shin Se-kyung in LG Cyon new add


Heart throb actor/model Daniel Henney and pretty actress Shin Se-kyung have released their full length LG mobile “Cyon Cafe” commercial on April 21st.
This CF was definitely worth waiting for! Fans get to see up-close and personal footage of the smokin’ hot star. You even get a chance to hear Daniel‘s advanced Korean. And lucky for us, no more awkward Engrish accent. You can also see the

Jay Chou's new song 'Superman Can't Fly' premieres

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Source: Liberty TimesTranslated by: http://www.jaychoustudio.comEvery move heavenly king Jay Chou makes stirs up excitement in the Chinese music industry, in 2008 when he released his album "Capricorn", he won the acknowledgement of 8 GMA nominations, he won 3 big awards, his results were great. After nearly 2 years of fans anticipation, Jay Chou is finally releasing his 10th new album in May

Rainie and Jerry hugs and become inseparable

Source: udn.comCredit: tdrama*addict@asianfanatics.netTonight, Rainie Yang finally had 10 year dream come true, reaching the Taipei Arena for her own concert and also invited Jerry Yan as special guest. The good relationship of the two were playing hug hug on stage as if about to pretend to kiss. However, the two actually got stuck together, having the costume stylist to come up on stage to

Andy Lau appointed as China Disabled Welfare Foundation vice chairman

Andy Lau has always been known to be a very benelovent person. He has participated in numerous charity events.Yesterday Andy Lau was appointed as vice chairman for China Disabled Persons Welfare Foundation. Andy admits that the job carries a lot of responsibility, he said "I would like to work with each and every committee member and those who want to help people with disabilities." In 2010, the

Bosco Wong doesn't want to get spoiled by Myolie Wu

Bosco Wong was at the Metro Radio promoting his new song "Across the mountain across the hill" yesterday. Talking about the song strikes a similarity to a cartoon movie theme song, Bosco responded by saying that song does sound a bit like "Ninja Healer". He went on to say in fact this is a love song. The lyric says that he wants to finish his work quickly so that he can go on holiday with his

SHINee and f(x) impress in Japan

SM Entertainment groups SHINee and f(x) recently made Japanese fans swoon over with their amazing concert performances for the New Generation Live in Yokohama event. The two groups catered to an audience of 5000 Japanese concertgoers on the 24th.Girl group f(x) kicked things off at the concert event with opening performances of their songs Chocolate Love, LA chA TA, and Chu. The group’s

Mnet Media responds to Hyori’s plagiarism accusations

Controversy surrounding plagiarism accusations from Lee Hyori’s fourth album has finally reached the ears of her company Mnet Media.The Queen of K-pop was alleged to have plagiarized several songs without giving credit or compensation to the originals. The songs themselves were released in her long-awaited comeback album titled H-Logic.She was building momentum in a short amount of time until she

Lee Hyori accused of plagiarizing?

We’ve received multiple tips on this potential issue but have yet to see it in the Korean news, however if true the ramifications are potentially pretty severe.As many of you know, Lee Hyori released her long awaited comeback with H-Logic on April 13 and it seems some of the tracks are being accused of plagiarism.On April 21st, Zack Taylor’s blog reported this:“KOREAN STAR CAUGHT STEALING FROM

Fiona Yuen retires from the industry, moves to Vancouver

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Source: The SunCredit: http://kays-entertainment.blogspot.com/Fiona Yuen attended to a photography gallery yesterday. She disclosed she goes to Guangzhou often to find Chinese recipes for her husband, who has 7 restaurants in Canada. She will return to Canada next month and retire from showbiz.She said she couldn't give up performing at first, however, seeing her good friend Bell Lau taking

Lights, camera, Aaron!

SINGAPORE : When Aaron Kwok first staged his De Show Reel Tour, it caused a sensation. The stage, for one, rotates 450 degrees (that's 360 degrees horizontally, and 90 degrees vertically), and even includes a small water pool. It was dubbed "the most outstanding and spectacular concert of the year", and even got into the Guinness Book Of World Records for World's Largest Indoor Revolving

Poster for upcoming TV series "Road No.1" revealed

Korean actor So Ji-sub in an official poster for new TV series "Road No.1" [MBC]The official posters for upcoming television series "Road No.1," starring Hallyu stars So Ji-sub and Kim Ha-neul, were unveiled today.The show's poster is in three different versions featuring each of its main characters; Jang-woo (played by So), Soo-yeon (played by Kim) and Tae-ho (played by Yoon Kye-sang).The war

Song Seung-heon to make small screen comeback this year

Korean actor Song Seung-heon [Asia Economic Daily]Korean actor Song Seung-heon will be making a comeback to the small screen in an upcoming television drama tentatively titled "My Princess," according to his agency Storm S Company on Thursday.An official at Storm S said in a phone call with Asia Economic Daily today that the actor has been cast in the new series, written by noted television

Jang Dong-gun's bride-to-be Ko So-young pregnant

Korean star couple Jang Dong-gun and Ko So-young in their wedding photo [AM Entertainment]Actress Ko So-young, who will wed top Korean actor Jang Dong-gun next month, has been found to be pregnant, according to Ko's agency.An official at her agency broke the news during a phone call with Asia Economic Daily on Thursday, revealing that the 37-year-old actress is pregant.The actress is said to be

2PM gives comeback performance on "M! Countdown"

Members of idol group 2PM from left to right: Taecyeon, Nichkhun, Wooyoung, Junho, Junsu and Chansung [JYP Entertainment]Korean idol group 2PM made a comeback on Mnet's televised music program "M! Countdown" yesterday, according to their agency JYP Entertainment on Friday.The boys performed songs "Don't Stop Can't Stop" and "Without U" from their third single album on the show in their new 'black

Simon Yam wins another film award

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After 34 years of hard work in the entertainment industry, things have finally paid off for 55 year old Simon Yam. After winning his first Best Actor trophy from the HK Film Awards several days ago for his stirring portrayal of a benevolent father in Echoes of the Rainbow, Simon has also won the “Asian Star” award at the New York Asian Film Festival (NYAFF) to be held in June. With his acting

Louis Koo urges people to donate to Ching Hai earthquake victims

Louis Koo as the ambassador for UNICEF participated in a fund raising event for Ching Hai earthquake victim. He appeared very serious throughout the event. Apart from urging people to donate generously, he revealed that his own trust fund had also donated money. He told reporter it is not important how money much one gives, that is why he refused to disclose the sum he had donated. Louis pointed

Rain rips his pants on Strong Heart!

He dances, sings, produces, acts, models, has the body of a god, and did I mention, he has the body of a god? In other words, Rain / Bi is pretty much made of perfection and is regarded as a top A-lister in the celebrity world. But even for a guy like him, there are unavoidable things that occur which help us realize, in the end, Rain is only human.At the end of the episode of SBS Strong Heart

Ekin Cheng exposes that TVB is unfair

Source: Oriental DailyTranslated by: aZnangel @ asianuniverseYesterday Ekin Cheng attended the promotional event for the movie with Candice Yu. At the event, Ekin exposed that TVB contracted artists were treated unfairly. He said: "TVB and I had a contract, a TVB contracted artist. However, because of my awkward status and that I'm also contracted under the Big 4 record companies, for the movie

GDragon ‘She’s Gone’ MV from ‘Shine A Light’ concert DVD

Fans can rejoice with a new MV released from GDragon.The MV is included as part of the concert DVD to GDragon’s solo concert ‘Shine A Light’ and features the song ‘She’s Gone’ off the singer’s solo album released last year.Love it or not?Credit - KBites

"There is no love" MV by Gummy

Coming back with a new album ‘Loveless’ to be released on 29th April, Gummy reveals the full song and MV to the minialbum title song ‘There is no love’ on 22nd April.This will be Gummy’s appearance in her own MV after 5 years. Meanwhile, the minialbum contains 2 title song, the other one titled ‘As a man’. And it is known that the producer to the title song is Teddy. Meanwhile, a MV for ‘As A Man

Ji Sung in MBC’s Kim Suro

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Ji Sung (Swallow the Sun) is taking the titular role in MBC’s upcoming drama Kim Suro, as pictured in these newly released stills. He has acted mostly in contemporary dramas such as New Heart and All In, but jumps back two millennia to play the first king of the Kaya nation, who reigned in the 1st century A.D.In addition to Ji Sung and his co-star Yoo Oh-sung, the drama has added actress Seo

Bad Guy adrift without a broadcast date

Kim Nam-gil’s upcoming drama Bad Guy has hit a bump in the road, because it has failed to secure a spot on the upcoming broadcast schedule. Producers had been planning to premiere the series in May on SBS, but against their expectations the show has not managed to snag a slot in SBS’s new drama lineup.Until recently, it had been planned for the next midweek spot on the SBS schedule. However, Lee

Jae-beom works with U.S. hip-hop producer Teddy Riley

Korean singer Park Jae-beom (left) and American record producer Teddy Riley [AllHipHop.com]Park Jae-beom, Korean singer and former leader of boy band 2PM, looks set on making his debut in the U.S. music scene by collaborating with famed hip-hop producer Teddy Riley on his upcoming new album.AllHipHop.com, a popular online hip-hop industry news source, reported today that "Teddy Riley has teamed

Kim Yun-jin first public appearance since her wedding

Picture of Korean actress Kim Yun-jin [L'Oreal]Actress Kim Yun-jin will be arriving in Korea today, attending an event later in the week which will mark her first public appearance since getting married last month."Kim will be flying in today to attend a function on Sunday held by L'Oreal for which she currently is the spokesmodel," said an official at her agency Zion Entertainment, adding that

"IRIS" season 2 starts pre-production

Official poster for KBS TV series "IRIS" Season 1 [Taewon Entertainment]Pre-production work for the second season of blockbuster TV series has kicked off amidst much hype and anticipation among fans, according to production company Taewon Entertainment on Tuesday.Taewon explained in a press release that "IRIS" producers have started the casting process for the next season, even talking with

Filial Jay Chou to invite Grandmother on stage

Jay Chou will be starting his concert tour in June in Taiwan. Tickets for the two shows were nearly sold out in just one day. The organizers are currently discussing the possibility of adding another show. It has also been reported that for the Shanghai and Beijing performances, Jay intends to have his maternal grandmother go on stage as a special guest.According to Mainland reports, the fairly

Lee Hyori in May issue of Vogue

The beautiful diva Lee Hyori is featured in the May Issue of Vogue Korea. The Vogue Korea website recently uploaded the photo shoot with the title ‘Who’s Got The Power.’With her recent endorsement for Adidas, Hyori is photographed with various Adidas equipment and Jeremy Scott shoes. She’s also wearing clothing and accessories from Christos by Amsale, David Yurman, Diane Von Furstenberg, Bulgari,

Sex tape of female celebrity gets leaked!

A shocking report has just been sent in, and yes, it’s scandalous! A singer, anonymously known as “A,” has once stopped her activities in the past due to an unfortunate scandal. She is creating yet another buzz online for having her sex video finally leaked.Since last weekend, a file – with its title revealing the star’s identity – began to spread online like wildfire. The file apparently

Twins return to stage performing at HK Coliseum

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The long wait by Twins fans is finally over. After the tumultuous year for Twins members Ah Sa and Gillian Chung following their personal affairs being revealed to the public, the girls are back on stage and rocking it. To the delight of thousands of fans at the Coliseum in Hong Kong the girls entertain fans with their stunning outfits. Credit - CRIThe Hong Kong pop duo Twins have returned to

Sammi Cheng tells about her suffering from depression

Cantopop superstar Sammie Cheng disclosed she was once suffered from depression. After years in the entertainment industry Sammi still haven't been able to find love and Mr Right to settle down and have a family. In her recent interview with Mingpao she said that she previously sufferred from depression and that almost ruined her life. But luckily she found saviour in GOD and was able to live

Choi Siwon cozies up with daughter in Oh My Lady

If you’re following SBS’s Oh! My Lady, you’ll probably find that one of the highlights is the interaction between the drama’s star, Sung Min-woo (Choi Siwon), and his young daughter Ye-eun, played by 5-year-old Kim Yu-bin. Here are a few images from Monday’s upcoming episode; if you’re spoilerphobic, don’t click for more photos!Choi Siwon has also released a few behind-the-scenes shots of him

2PM released "Without You" MV

I love the piano intro. Enjoy!

Lee Jun-ki to enter military after shooting movie and drama

As mentioned in the previous post, actor Lee Jun-ki is busy filming his latest project Grand Prix at Jeju Island. News has come out that Lee will have to serve his madatory military obligations when filming wraps up. Korean actor Lee Jun-ki will be pushing back his military entrance date to fulfill his current work commitments, according to his agency JG Company on Monday.According to an official

Sneak peek of Lee Junki and Kim Tae Hee’s upcoming movie Grand Prix

The picture below of Kim Tae-hee sporting a new bang in a new movie Grand Prix alongside Lee Jun-ki. Kim who haven't appear in many movies nor dramas has recently return to acting through a lead role in popular kdrama IRIS is now busy filming a movie where she plays Joohee, a lovely character who loves horseriding. The upcoming movie Grand Prix has released its first still cut from the film.

S.H.E reveal solo career plans for 2010

The three members girls group S.H.E. announced at a press conference in Singapore that each will pursue a solo career in 2010. There was no mention of the group dissolving.The name S.H.E. came from the first letter of each of the band member's name Selina Ren, Hebe Tian and Ella Chen.SINGAPORE: Taiwan Mando-pop trio S.H.E revealed their solo career plans for 2010 at a press conference during the

Actor Daniel Wu marries long-time girlfriend in South Africa wedding

Yes it is true. The handsome Hong Kong actor is now a married man. Congratulations to Daniel and his Mrs on a long and lasting marriage!!! HONG KONG: Hong Kong actor Daniel Wu announced on his blog on Saturday that he had tied the knot with girlfriend of eight years, Monaco-born model and Channel V veejay Lisa Selesner on April 6 in a wedding ceremony held in South Africa.The wedding, attended

Daniel Henney ditches about having no time to date and his type of girl

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Sexylicious actor Daniel Henney blames his hectic work schedule and his constant travelling for his bachelor status. Daniel explains that whilst he's constantly travelling to different countries for work he has no time to date or have a serious girlfriend. Despite having no time to date he was previously linked to Hawaii actress Maggie Q and co-star in the hit K-Drama "My Lovely Kim Sam Soon"

Actress Vicki Zhao gave birth to a baby girl

XIN MSN has reported that the "Mulan" actress Vicki Zhao has given birth to a baby girl at Singapore’s Gleneagles Hospital. She was reportedly gave birth via caesarean at 11pm on Sunday night. Both mother and daughter are in good health Vicki's manager confirmed.A BIG congrats to Vicki and her partner and their families.Source: XIN MSN Chinese actress Vicki Zhao has given birth to a baby last

Chilam Cheung told fans about his nose surgery via blog

The day before yesterday, Chilam Cheung and good friend Aaron Kwok were having hotpot together. On his microblog, he posted a bandaged photo. Turns out that a few days ago, he had to visit the hospital for surgery. Yesterday, Chilam wrote a blog entry titled "Pain" revealing that his nasal bone is skewed due to allergies in the nose and congestion. He hopes that the pain can be resolved soon!

Gigi lai spotted shopping in Central Hong Kong

Gigi Lai is 6 months pregnant, she was confirmed to be carrying twins. Gigi was seen shopping with her nanny and friend in Central the other day. The reporter went up to ask her how she was feeling ? Gigi did not reply but just smiled. The reporter saw her double chins as well as her 3 sizes up maternity dress.Since it was confirmed that Gigi is carrying twins, both families are excited. Husband

Parodies of Rain’s Love Song take the internet by storm

The internet has recently exploded with parodies of Rain’s trademark “abs dance” from his comeback song Love Song.Following the release of his special album titled BACK TO THE BASIC, singer Rain has been met with undivided attention from the public, most who have awaited his comeback to the music scene for a long time.Love Song is an emotional ballad that is being promoted as Rain’s title track.

Lim Soo-jung to attend Calvin Klein show in Shanghai

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Korean actress Lim Soo-jung will be attending designer brand Calvin Klein's fashion show in China as a representative of Korea, according to her agency on Wednesday.The actress was invited to the event "World of Calvin Klein in Shanghai," the brand's first runway show in Asia, which will be attended by numerous actors and celebrities in the region.The fashion show, set to take place in Shanghai

Cecilia Cheung’s second baby is due in May

In an interview with the Hong Kong press, Jennifer Tse, younger sister of Hong Kong artiste Nicholas Tse, revealed that her sister-in-law, Cecilia Cheung, will be giving birth to her second child in May.Speaking in an interview with Hong Kong's TVB Entertainment show on her family, love, and career, the 26-year-old revealed that Cecilia who's pregnant with her second child is due to deliver in

Spotted: Leehom and woman behaving intimately in public

First-time movie director Leehom was caught behaving intimately with a woman in full public view at an event last month to celebrate the completion of his movie Love Announcement's shoot.After the wrap party at Shanghai's Muse nightspot ended at around 6am, a tipsy-looking Leehom was seen throwing his arms around a fair-skinned woman, who looked to be around 30 years old. The two behaved as if

Hyori is keeping an eye on SNSD’s Yuri and 2NE1’s CL

At a press conference held on the 13th in celebration of her 4th album’s release, Lee Hyori was asked “Which girl group hoobae are you eyeing?” Without hesitation, the Queen of K-pop answered, SNSD’s Yuri and 2NE1’s CL, two members from the nation’s top girl groups.Regarding Yuri, Hyori stated, “It was like seeing myself in the past. I watched SNSD’s concert and Yuri’s solo performance was

Lee Hyori shows her exotic charms for Elle

Taking time out from her busy promotional schedule for her new album, H-Logic, sexy queen Lee Hyori has done a photoshoot for Elle, showcasing her exotic charms.Due to her busy schedule, she could only film the photoshoot at night which then lasted until the early morning hours.But not once did Hyori stop smiling on the set.Hyori did a combination of boyish charm together with smoky effect for

"East Wind, Rain" Premieres Tonight in Beijing

Director Liu Yunlong's Chinese espionage film "East Wind, Rain" will premiere tonight in Beijing, April 13, 2010, Ent.sina.com reports.A portrait of star Fan Bingbing, wearing a huge red dress, has just been released in advance of the premiere. According to the costume designer, this extreme colour aims to emphasize the pain of Fan's character in the film. With a length of 5 metres, the dress was

Rain issues a $2 million dollar lawsuit

Looks like Rain isn’t out of the legal storm yet – although he won his last lawsuit, the idol is now involved in another lawsuit worth 2 billion won (~$2 million USD). Rain and seven other investors are all suing J.Tune Creative for embezzling the investment they put into the company, meaning that Rain, fortunately, isn’t the one under fire this time around.It’s been revealed through Newsen that

Linda Chung is hoping to get her clothes sponsored

Since LInda Chung became a singer, she has been paying a lot of attention to what she wears. She is well known for being careful with money, but she suddenly spent thousands of dollars to buy 3 to 4 one-piece dresses for her spring collection to upgrade her image as a singer. Linda is hoping she would get some sponsors who like her new image and sponsor her outfits. That way, she would save even

Break up rumors, Kenneth Ma supports Nancy Wu hat she's not vain

Tuesday, April 13, 2010 0 comments
Yesterday break up rumors between rumored couple Kenneth Ma and Nancy Wu circulated. It was said that Tracy Ip introduced Nancy to a wealthy man, so she cold-heartedly flinged off Kenneth. However both Kenneth and Nancy thought the reports were a joke and that it is not true at all. Kenneth also strongly supported Nancy that she's not a person who likes vanity. He said: "If this is true then she

Steven Ma regrets missing opportunity to love Sonjia Kwok due to misunderstanding 10 years ago

Although Steven Ma and Sonjia Kwok were once on bad terms, that did not affected their 10 year friendship. Yesterday, when the two attended TVB new series blessing ceremony, Steven admitted that the issue between him and Sonjia have been resolved and they are good friends again. He said: "Two months ago, when we went to Singapore for work, it was the first time we sat down to talk about what

Lee Hyori's new album sweeps online music charts

Album cover of Lee Hyori's fourth album "H.Logic" [Mnet Entertainment]Pop sensation Lee Hyori's fourth album "H.Logic" has skyrocketed to the top of online music charts in just a day of its release.Title track "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" has taken over the No. 1 spot on all music charts, while other tracks on her record have entered the top 50 of several online music charts including Melon, Dosirak

Everything about Daniel Henney says 'gorgeous'

SINGAPORE : Okay, so I knew I was supposed to be asking Daniel Henney about his latest TV show. But the Korean-American actor is so gorgeous, it was kind of hard to concentrate - even though he and I were only talking over the phone.I mean, even his voice is pretty.The man who knew how to expertly handle a gun as the mercenary Agent Zero in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" now plays the cocky,

S.H.E S'pore concert sold out but there's hope for ticketless fans

SINGAPORE: The upcoming S.H.E the One concert at the National Indoor Stadium on Saturday is completely sold out, but if ticketless fans want to get a glimpse of the Mando-pop trio, there are still a few opportunities left.S.H.E members Selena, Hebe and Ella will be flying in on Eva Air flight BR225 and is expected to touch down on Friday afternoon at 12pm for their concert the next day.For those

Eddie Peng's Must Love MV with Shu Qui

Monday, April 12, 2010 0 comments
Taking a break from acting, the former Golden Bell best actor nominee, Eddie Peng, ventures into singing…and dancing! As previously reported, Eddie specially invited good friend, Shu Qi, to be in his MV. The MV does not disappoint as many netizens praise how the MV showcases Shu Qi’s sexiness. But we really wish that Shu Qi would dance with Eddie like Lin Chi-Ling did with Joe Cheng. Nonetheless,

Selena Li to be Beauty School principal at the end of the month

Selena Li, Kara Hui, Natalie Tong, Kenneth Ma were recording for in Tseung Kwan O TVB City yesterday. Recently, Selena stepped into the business world where her beauty school will soon be opening. She expressed that the beauty school will open at the end of the month, the school is currently under renovations. She said that the cost of renovations was much more than expected: "I initially was

Myolie Wu says Wong Cho Lam has "beautiful legs"

Last night, Wong Cho Lam was dressed as girl with big breastsfor TVB program . He sang Taiwanese idol Guo Shu Yao (Yao Yao)'s song . Once Liza saw Cho Lam she gave him a punch on the chest and said:"Just seeing you it will break!" Myolie Wu who was also at the scene disguisedherself as Anita Mui and exposed that she was sleepless due to the nervousness.She also praised Cho Lam's beautiful legs

Cover Photos for 29th Hong Kong Film Awards Released

The 29th Hong Kong Film Awards committee revealed its cover photos [Photo: CFP]The cover photo of the "Best Actor" nominees [Photo: CFP]The cover photo of the "Best Actress" nominees, actress Zhao Wei is absent [Photo: CFP]The 29th Hong Kong Film Awards committee revealed its cover photos at a press conference on Friday afternoon, April 9, 2010, ent.sina.com reports.At the press conference, two

Park Jae-beom offered role in Hollywood film "Hype Nation"

Korean pop singer Park Jae-beom [Asia Economic Daily]Park Jae-beom, Korean singer and former leader of boy band 2PM, has been offered to appear in a Hollywood film titled "Hype Nation", according to an industry source on Monday."Park and the film's producer Young Lee have been friends for a long time," the source explained. "From what I know, Lee had offered the role to Jae-beom back when he was

YG Entertainment records biggest profit in history

Yang Hyun-suk, founder and CEO of YG Entertainment [YG Entertainment] YG Entertainment (YG) -- considered one of the top three talent agencies in Korea alongside SM and JYP Entertainment -- saw its most successful business year to date last year, recording the biggest profit the company has ever seen.According to the annual audit report YG submitted to Korea's Financial Supervisory Service (FSS)

Korean film "Bestseller" in talks for Hollywood remake

Official poster for Korean film "Bestseller" starring Uhm Jung-hwa [Daisy Entertainment]Korean film "Bestseller" is already in discussions for a Hollywood remake prior to its local release on Thursday, according to the film's production company Daisy Entertainment on Monday.Daisy explained in a press release that they have been contacted by U.S. film production company Vertigo Entertainment, who

Super Junior successfully wrap up Asia tour in Philippines

Korean idol group Super Junior perform at their "Super Show 2" concert held in Philippines on April 10, 2010 [SM Entertainment]Korean idol group Super Junior held a concert in the Philippines over the weekend, wrapping up their nine-month long second tour in Asia, according to their agency on Monday.SM Entertainment explained in a press release that the group performed a total of 36 songs

Han Ji-hye's Song Picks

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Actress Han Ji-hye claimed 2008 was her best year. Not just because of the consecutive success of KBS TV series "Likeable or Not" and MBC's "East of Eden," but because she discovered what is important to Han Ji-hye as a being, not as a celebrity. Both shows came about through the joint effort of its entire cast, not just a few actors, and such an environment taught Han to harmonize work and

Tony Leung 'hands' it to Carina Lau

International award-winning actor Tony Leung has an inclination for self-mutilation, and once hurt himself when his then-girlfriend and current wife Carina Lau could not be contacted by phone.This was revealed by veteran TV personality May Fung on the last episode of TVB's Be My Guest, the talkshow hosted by the station's former general manager Stephen Chan, who has since been arrested on

Ethan Ruan rejects plum role in Stanley Kwan’s new movie

The Taiwanese actor was unable to accept the role's provocative and sensual nature and rejected the opportunity to star in Stanley Kwan's upcoming new movieOne of Taiwan's hottest and most bankable star, Ethan Ruan, was said to have surreptitiously attended a casting session in Beijing a few days ago for Hong Kong director Stanley Kwan's latest flick, The Peony Pavilion.Things did not work out

Male singers avoid Jay Chou's May album release

Like an annual affair, Jay Chou's decision to release his new album this May has left other singers scurrying to change their own release dates.As of now, two former Golden Melody best singers, Gary Chaw and Wang Leehom, have confirmed changes in the dates of release for their upcoming albums.The only big-name male artistes slated to release their album in May are the ensemble rock group

Kelly Chen responds to the "surrogate mother" rumors

Recently, Kelly Chen appeared on a talkshow, where the main target of the interview was the rumors of a surrogate that gave birth to her son. Kelly denied to the rumors and said: "I have a scar on my stomach." (from the C-section delivery)Kelly said that she can still see the red scar on her stomach, and would shiver in fear. She clearly remembers the first time her son was being mischievous in

Ada Choi gets advice from Gigi Lai on how to become pregnant

According to the Taiwanese media, there has been pregnancy rumors revolving around Ada Choi and is scheduled to give birth in October. She clarified that the rumors are false, but according to the Hong Kong media reports, Ada listened her good friend Gigi Lai's advice on going to do acupuncture to increase her chances of getting pregnant. It's estimated that she'll be a year of the rabbit

Gong Yoo to make his comeback through the big screen

Since his discharge from the army, actor Gong Yoo has been waiting in the shadows to make his comeback.But it’s now been reported that he will be returning with a movie, much to the delight of his fans!Most of you may remember Gong Yoo as the leading male in the drama Coffee Prince with Yoon Eun Hye. Though the drama definitely boosted his popularity, he had to leave for his mandatory military

Jang Hyuk regrets dodging his army enlistment

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Actor Jang Hyuk has revealed his thoughts about him dodging his army enlistment a few years back on the April 6th episode of Win Win, which became one of the most painful memories of his life.Back in 2004, both Jang Hyuk and Song Seung Hun were at the peak of their careers when they were called up for the army. But it was later found out that they had tried to evade being drafted into the army,

Jang Dong Gun and Go So Young furnish their new home as husband and wife

In light of their upcoming nuptial, it has been revealed that top stars Jang Dong Gun and Go So Young have started to furnish their future residence as husband and wife.Starting in mid-March, series of moving vans have been spotted at a villa in Heukseok-Dong in Seoul, where the couple has purchased a home together. Contained within the moving vans were new furnishings the couple has been seen

Jerry Yan Responds to Birth Rumors

Taiwan heartthrob Jerry Yan has responded for the first time to recent rumors that he was born out of wedlock, Channel NewsAsia reports."I don't really know [if the rumors are true], and I don't want to know," the "Meteor Garden" actor told reporters while attending a charity event on Sunday.Yan called his mother his role model. "My mother worked very hard to bring me up... I will support her no

Taiwan star Vanness Wu spotted with mystery girlfriend

HONG KONG: Taiwan star Vanness Wu has been photographed shopping with a long-haired beauty on Monday in Hong Kong and has admitted that she is his new girlfriend, said Chinese media.The pair were spotted behaving intimately while shopping in the Central district with Wu's friends. He swept the hair from her forehead when they entered a lift and was seen laughing and chatting with her throughout

Proud daddy Hacken Lee has another son called Rex

Hacken Lee and Emily Lo's second son was born last week. Hacken was very happy when he announced to the media. He told the reporters he calls his second "boss" Rex, but hasn't found a suitable Chinese name yet. He said Rex looks exactly like his first "boss" Ryan. Mother Emily and Rex have been discharged home. Hacken will be staying at home to look after the family. In May, Hacken will release

Steven Ma kissed Koni Liu to send Sonija Kwok away

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Steven Ma and Sonija Kwok play the role as a couple in crime in TVB upcoming comedy "Isolation Laugh". They play modern Robinhood, robbing the rich to give to the poor. Steven revealed the series is a very light hearted comedy and there are few sexy scenes too. There is one scene that Steven kissed Koni Liu on purpose in order to send Sonija away. After reading the script, Sonija and Steven both

Jang Dong-gun returns from charity work in Laos

Top Korean actor Jang Dong-gun [AM Entertainment] Top Korean actor Jang Dong-gun has returned from doing charity work in Laos last week, according to his agency AM Entertainment.AM explained that the actor spent a week in Laos shooting a promotional antipoverty documentary as a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations' World Food Programme (WFP) and returned to Korea on April 1."Many people

VOV says Kim Hee-seon image being tarnished

Korean actress Kim Hee-seon [Asia Economic Daily]Korean cosmetics brand VOV has issued a public statement saying actress Kim Hee-son's image is being tarnished by her endorsing a fake make-up company in China.Yesterday, both the actress's agency and VOV had denied that Kim had shot an advertisement for China's VOV but is rather a spokesmodel for a brand called LANCHEN, considered one of the top

Lee Hyori swings to the top of online music charts

Korean pop idol Lee Hyori in one of the scenes for her new music video "Swing [Mnet Media]K-pop princess Lee Hyori has swept online music charts with her latest single "Swing," according to her agency Mnet Media on Tuesday.The single, from the singer's fourth album "H-Logic," released on Mnet's website and portal site Naver on April 1, conquered several real-time online and digital sound source

Pop Queen Faye Wong to Start Concert Tour In Oct

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Former pop queen Faye Wong made her official comeback performance at the 2010 Spring Festival Gala. [Video: Sina.com]After former pop queen Faye Wong made her official comeback performance at the 2010 Spring Festival Gala, she is to start her concert tour this October in Beijing, China Mobile" s 12530, the sponsor and music supplier under China?s largest mobile operator, has announced.According

Elanne Kong does not believe she was the cause of Rain Li's contract termination

Elanne Kong revealed at an event that she spent 5 figures on new fashion: "My company always says that I don't dress well when I go out, so I took this opportunity to get some new outfits!"Also, it was said that Rain Li was not happy with all the company's investment put on Elanne. For this reason, she requested to terminate her contract and have to pay 7 figures termination fee. As her junior,

Jimmy Lin’s first China modern series lands on Hunan TV

My Lucky Star got very high ratings when it debuted in China in 07. It has since been on reruns numerous times in the last 3 years. Fans of MLS still talk about the series to these days. There were even rumors that there’ll be a sequel with the original cast. Jimmy Lin’s manager said, “They are only rumors. He had to turn down more than 10 series because of the concert tour. The scripts he’s

Rain takes the reigns of online music charts

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Rain on the cover of "BACK TO BASICS" [J. Tune Entertainment]Asian pop sensation Rain has dominated all online music charts with his latest single "Love Song," according to his agency J. Tune Entertainment on Friday."Love Song," the title track from his special album "BACK TO BASICS" released at midnight on Tuesday, swept all Korean charts including Melon, Mnet, Dosirak, Bugs, Soribada, Hanteo,

Sa Dingding to give showcase in Korea next week

Cover of Sa Dingding's latest album "Harmony" [Universal Music Group]Chinese folk singer Sa Dingding will be visiting Korea for a showcase next week, according a press release by record label Universal Music Korea.The singer and songwriter will be promoting her latest album "Harmony" at the showcase, which will take place at Seoul's art venue Sangsangmadang on April 7.She collaborated with

Jang Woo-hyuk offered role in Chinese action film

Korean singer Jang Woo-hyuk (right) and Hong Kong action star Donnie YenKorean singer Jang Woo-hyuk has been offered to appear in a martial arts pic by Hong Kong action star Donnie Yen, according to his agency on Friday.The singer was approached by Yen at the China Music Award and Asian Influential Awards (CMA), held in China on March 28, where he was invited to the premiere of Yen's film "Ip

Ron Ng and Roger Kwok fight at the cemetery

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Ron Ng, Roger Kwok, Kate Tsui and Toby Leung were in Happy Valley's cemetery shooting for new TVB series . The scene talked about Ron and Roger using force on each other, Ron frankly said that he's not afraid of damaging the actual tombstones at the location and disrupting the "residents".Ron said: "I have been the the cemetery to shoot outdoor scenes a few times, we follow the rules and didn't

Wondergirls Top Taiwan and Hong Kong's Music Charts

After becoming the first Korean artist/group to make it onto the Billboard Charts with their hit "Nobody", the Wondergirls are showing no signs of slowing down by dominating the music charts in Taiwan and Hong Kong.After releasing their "Taiwan Special" album in Taiwan last February 10th, they quickly shot to number one on several of the major online and offline music charts such as G-Music,

Aaron Kwok and Zhang Ziyi to Play Aids Couple in 'The Era of Magic'

Zhang Ziyi and Hong Kong actor Aaron Kwok will play a couple suffering from AIDS in director Gu Changwei's first-ever feature film tackling the issue, entitled "The Era of Magic."Aaron Kwok was spotted on the set in Beijing Tuesday with a bearded and weary look, the Beijing News reports.The film, adapted from a novel, tells a tragic love story between two AIDS-afflicted lovers. Kwok plays a

"Personal Taste" already stirring Asia

Official poster for TV series "Personal Taste" starring Son Ye-jin (left) and Lee Min-ho [MBC]New MBC TV series "Personal Taste" is already stirring Korea and Asia since its premiered last night, according to Korea's major broadcaster MBC on Thursday.MBC said in a press release that the show is already receiving inquiries about overseas broadcasting copyrights and has been sold at "unprecedented

Jacky’s new album makes money


With sales for Jacky Cheung’s new album <> reaching 200,000 copies in Asia alone, a celebration gathering was held yesterday. At the gathering, Jacky also debuted his new MV for the song <>, which he invested HKD$500,000 of his own money to make. The MV was directed by Xia Yong Kang and features mainland China model Du Juan.

Given the extremely high production costs of Jacky’s new album and

Super Junior visits Vietnam for first time

Super Junior members perform at 'MTV EXIT' in Vietnam on March 27, 2010. [SM Entertainment]Popular boy band Super Junior visited Vietnam for the first time over the weekend to take part in a concert by music channel MTV, according to their agency SM Entertainment on Wednesday.The K-pop idols were invited to the 'MTV EXIT' held Saturday at the Hanoi My Dinh Stadium to represent global musicians,

On the set of film "Into The Fire"

The cast of film "Into The Fire": (from left) Korean actors Cha Seung-won, Kwon Sang-woo, T.O.P. and Kim Seung-woo [photographed by Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia]Film "Into The Fire" - Four flowers blooming on ruined groundsQuite often there are sets which have many sideshows. And sometimes you may even see sets where there are good actors in a flock. But it is truly rare to come across a set which

Interview with the leads of new Kdrama "Bad Guy"

Actor Kim Nam-gil (left) and actress Oh Yeon-soo [Good Story]Q: Will each cast member explain how you have been preparing to portray your character as well as your determination for the show.Kim Nam-gil (Kim NG): When I was offered the role for "Bad Guy" it was a few days after "Queen Seon-duk" finished its run so I was worried that I wouldn't be able to portray a new character because I hadn't