Sharon Chan proud of her figure

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Sharon Chan was doing a commercial for Q & A yesterday. She was showing off her figure wearing a bikini. She said "This is my second year as the spokesperson for Q & A. I hope we can continue working well together. As I work all hours and not getting enough sleep, I need their skin care products and their service to help me." . Sharon went on to say "I have been busy working on "Can't Buy Me Love

Moses Chan and Charmaine Sheh not awkward at work

Yesterday Moses Chan, Charmaine Sheh and Sharon Chan were filming for the ancient drama Can't Buy Me Love (also known as Arrival of Princess). Although there were earlier reports of Moses and Charmaine flirting onset, yesterday everyone could see that the pair were totally focused on their work with no signs of embarassment in their chit-chat.Sharon was wearing a neck brace when she didn't need

Raymond Lam takes the limelight with his red eyed devil look

Yesterday Bobby Au Yeung attended the costume fitting for TVB new series along with Raymond Lam and Tavia Yeung. Raymond stole the limelight with his red colored contact lens looking like a devil! Towards this new series, Bobby has confidence, he smiled: "This is a western drama with Chinese faces. Raymond wearing those red contact lens looks just like a westerner!"Raymond laughed and said that

Actress Lee Da-hae attends Hollywood party

Korean actress Lee Da-hae poses with the animated character PUCCA at its launching party held in Los Angeles of the United States on February 18, 2010. [VOOZ Co.]Korean actress Lee Da-hae attended a party in Los Angeles last week, mingling with some of Hollywood's hottest stars, according to the party's host VOOZ Co.The party, hosted jointly by VOOZ and Warner Brothers, celebrated the launching

Actress Han Ji-hye cast for new Chinese drama

Korean actress Han Ji-hye has been tapped to play the lead female role in a new Chinese drama, according to her agency Yedang Entertainment on Wednesday.Han will play the role of Chun Chae-hee, a young woman with a strong passion for embroidery in search of her mother, in the 26-part drama to be helmed by top Chinese director Huang Jianzhong of "As You Wish" and "Good Woman.""Han was chosen for

Lee Hyori at Seoul Cultural Arts Awards Ceremony

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Lee Hyori arriving on the red carpet at 1st Seoul Cultural Art Award ceremony. I love that balck dress she's wearing, simple but very elegant.

Louis Koo reveals to have intimate scenes with Sandra Ng in new film

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Louis Koo, Sandra Ng and Peter Chan was spotted at the airport yesterday. The trio was taking a flight to Hengdian to shoot the new film <神奇俠侶>. Reporter quickly asked Louis about the new film in which he reveals that there will be intimate scenes with Sandra Ng. Umm... how intimate is this going to be?? That is up to anyone's guess for now! In the first picture, Louis seems a little chubby

Lin Chi-ling to star as Takuya Kimura's lover in Japanese drama series

Leggy model-actress Lin Chi-ling will be making her first foray in the Japanese entertainment industry in a drama series starring Takuya Kimura.The 35-year-old grew famous in Japan after her debut acting stint in the history epic film, Red Cliff. She was also recently invited to star as the lead actress in a music video for popular Japanese boyband, SMAP.According to the Japanese media, the

Rain Plans for Two Album Releases This Year

On February 19, the agency of famous Korean singer and actor Rain (real name Jeong Ji-hoon, 28), J. Tune Entertainment, announced that he would release a special album this coming April. According to J. Tune Entertainment, Rain will release a regular album around in October after recording a mini album consisting of four or five songs in April. This special album will be recorded one year and

Korean singer Bobby Kim to make Japanese debut

Korean R&B singer Bobby Kim will expand his singing career into Japan, starting by holding a concert in the country next month, according to his agency Oscar Entertainment on Monday.Oscar said Kim is scheduled to hold a solo concert for his Japanese fans on March 28 at the famed Billboard Live club in Osaka.The Billboard Live is where world-renowned musician Bobby Brown gave his live performance

Andy Lau's Hollywood encounter

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LONG before Jackie Chan and Jet Li ventured into Hollywood, Hong Kong star Andy Lau had had the chance, reported Heavenly King revealed that he signed with a Hollywood agency in 1992."I was a Hollywood star earlier than Jackie Chan and Jet Li. For three years, I flew to America every three months to look at movie scripts."Apparently, no script caught his fancy throughout the years

Kim Tae-hee poses for Vogue

Kim Tae-hee poses for the March issue of Vogue Korea. Starring in the hit action drama IRIS along side Lee Byung-hun, KTH is known to be a natural beauty in the Korean entertainment.The theme of the photoshoot is ‘Heart on the Pairie’ based on the show 'Little House on Prairie’ known for its Victorian style in the 1870s.

Top actresses returning to the small screen

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Haven't seen your favourite Korean actresses on the small screen for a while? Well, you'll be glad to know that actress Son Ye-jin, Moon Geun-young, Han Ga-in, Han Chae-young and Chae Rim are all coming back with a small screen.Fans of TV dramas already have an ample lineup of witty programs to choose from, but the list will become more colorful with a number of top actresses returning to the

Aaron Kwok is considering marriage

Now that eternal bachelor Andy Lau has comfortably settled into his new role as husband and Leon Lai has also married, all eyes are on the only single Hong Kong Heavenly King left, Aaron Kwok.And the baby-faced, 44-year-old superstar is already showing signs of wanting to settle down.His love life with rumoured girlfriend Lynn Xiong was once again the centre of media attention when he appeared at

Fans snap up Super Junior albums in anticipation of concert

K-pop boy band Super Junior proved their growing popularity in the Philippines with their “Super Show 2” live album, which topped the country's international album chart.According to the record label that released Super Junior's album in the country, "Super Show 2" is No. 1 on the Astrovision and Astroplus international album chart for the period Feb. 8 to 14. The two retail chains have about 30

Michelle Yim's long-time boyfriend dies of cancer

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Hong Kong veteran actress Michelle Yim's long-time beau, Wan Chi Keung, died on Tuesday after an 18-year battle with nasopharyngeal cancer. The former soccer star and actor was 53.The cause was organ failure, said the Hong Kong celebrity soccer squad in a statement. He collapsed at home on the third day of Chinese New Year and was rushed to hospital, where he was pronounced dead, said Ming Pao

KARA's hit song "Mister" was orignally made for male singers

KARA’s hit song ‘Mister’ was made for male singers?Making the many Korean males’ hearts flutter with their butt dance and the hit song ‘Mister’, the secret to the song has also been revealed recently. The song which has showcased the KARA members’ cuteness and youthful charms was initially made for the use by male idol singers. With the truth behind the song revealed, many were shocked.An

BIG BANG releases Lollipop 2

Last year Big Bang teamed up with LG Cyon to promote the sweet Lollipop phone. Now they return with Lollipop 2 as the full sequel track has been released!The previous Lollipop campaign was a definite success for the boys and helped ease in their sister group 2NE1, who also benefited greatly from the advertisement. And even though it’s not another Big Bang – 2NE1 pair up, it’s still great to hear

Actress Cheung Ho-Yee kicked out of boyfriend's home after split

HONG KONG: Hong Kong actress Maggie Cheung Ho-Yee has reportedly split with her boyfriend, millionaire fund manager Tsang On Bong, and was kicked out of his home.Cheung, who turns 41 in March, met 42-year-old Tsang while hosting the television show "Living Up" in 2008.Just last year, Cheung, who was co-habiting with Tsang, said that their relationship was "stable" and that she "would not rule out

Michael Miu admits there was a 'third party' during marriage

HONG KONG: Hong Kong actor Michael Miu revealed that there was once a 'third party' during his marriage to actress Jamie Chik as the couple celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary with their friends on Tuesday.Miu, 52, said during the event that he had dated and stayed together with Chik, 48, for almost 28 years and went through lots of ups and downs with her but admitted that there was someone

Rom-com Romeo takes tougher role

In order to perfectly immerse himself in his role as Song Tae-ha, a slave on the run, actor Oh Ji-ho let his hair and beard grow. [JoongAng Photo]The KBS TV drama “Chuno,” or “Pursuing Servants,” is a smash, with ratings of around 30 percent, putting it tops among Wednesday-Thursday TV dramas. And it shows no signs of stopping.Much of that popularity is thanks to a strong plot about slave

Lee Da-hae to attend Warner Brothers party in Hollywood

Korean actress Lee Da-hae attends a Warner Brothers party [DBM Entertainment] Korean actress Lee Da-hae is scheduled to attend a party hosted by major Hollywood studio Warner Brothers, according to her agency DBM Entertainment on Wednesday.DBM announced that "The Slave Hunters" actress -- the only Asian actor to be invited to the event -- will be leaving for Los Angeles today to attend a

Kwon Sang-woo to debut as a singer in Japan

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You have to be the judge whether this handsome actor should really sing professionally. Check our the youtube video of KSW singing the theme song of his most popular drama "Stairway to Heaven". Korean actor Kwon Sang-woo will debut as a singer in Japan, according to a report on Monday.Daily Japanese sports paper Sankei Sports reported that Kwon will make his singing debut in Japan after

Jordan Chan weds girlfriend on Valentine's Day

The "Young and Dangerous" actor Jordan Chan is a man with charisma. On Valentine's Day, Jordan wedded his girlfriend of 3 years in a Chapel in Las Vagas. The wedding ceremony was held very low key and the bride and groom was surrounded by close friends and family. Jordan seems emotional at the altar. The couple seems very much in love and happy. It seems that one of the reporters from

Actor Gallen Lo threatens to take legal action against HK mag

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HONG KONG: Actor Gallen Lo has threatened to sue Hong Kong entertainment rag Next Magazine over reports that portrayed him as an irresponsible father.The magazine had previously claimed that Lo was having the time of his life with his current wife, Chinese actress Sophie Su, whom Lo married in December last year, and ignored his 10-year-old son with ex-wife Clare Fong."Next Magazine recently

Yoon Eun-hye featuring in new Cass commercial

Yoon Eun-hye and 2PM's Nichkhun and Taecyeon are in a new commercial drawing attention to their love triangle.This music drama's full version is being released on the CASS beverage homepage ( the music drama, Nichkhun is suffering through a scandal with a hot actress because of blackmail. This top star Nikhun is being followed by Taecyeon who suspects relationship with

Lee Byung-hun "The Influence" poster review

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The poster and preview for the online mystery film "Influence", starring Lee Byeong-Heon and Han Chae-young, have been revealed.The film's producer Realize Pictures and Windsor Entertainment released the poster on Friday, showing a relatively large image of a suited up Lee from the bust upward and smaller head-to-toe image of Han donning a red dress.Lee plays the role of the character W who has

Daniel Henney in new CF for Biotherm

On MBC Section TV Entertainment Relay aired on 12th February, So Nyeo Shi Dae Yuri and actor Daniel Henney were seen at a filming site.They were chosen as the new faces of cosmetic line Biotherm and were filming the upcoming CF together.Definitely a combination of beauty and handsomeKBites

Remake of MJ "We Are The World" for Haiti

New generation singers have joined force in remaking Michael Jackson's "We are the world".

Bosco Wong kiss and tell : Kitty Yeun is a better kisser than Moylie Wu

Bosco looks ridiculous with that hair cut!! I am screaming GAY GAY GAY!! And whats with that shirt??? Bosco Wong, Kate Tsui, Wong Cholam, Kitty Yuen ((小儀) and Christine Kuo attended a promotion activity for TVB up coming new series "Don Juan De Mercado" at the Ocean Park yesterday. They were playing couple games with the audiences. Christine was very popular with the male artists, they all wanted

Nick Cheung receives complaints for fund raising on the street

The night before yesterday, 6 time Best Actor award winner Nick Cheung was at Victoria Park Lunar New Year market as the ambassador for Sowers Action Student to sell fortune rice at their booth in hope to raise money for children in poverty in the mountain areas. All you had to do was donate some money to buy the fortune rice and you will be able to take a picture with Nick. No wonder the


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Happy New Year to everyone who celebrates the lunar new year. How do you and your family celebrate the lunar new year? Usually everyone in our family would gather at our parents house and enjoy a sumptuos feast that my mum prepared. It usually includes shark fin soup, steem free range chicken, sticky rice

Filming of "The Slave Hunters" Oh Ji-ho, Lee Da-hae and Jang Hyuk

On a cold winter day in January, director Kwak Jung-hwan of KBS TV series “TheSlave Hunters” was at Unju Temple in the South Jeolla Province. It is the place,mentioned in the tenth episode, which Dae-gil (played by Jang Hyuk) guessedcorrectly right away when told Tae-ha (Oh Ji-ho) went to where a statue ofBuddha lies on its back facing the sky. “There is a statue of Buddha laid on theground and

Team USA: Dressed Like Champions


(Team USA sports Ralph Lauren at Opening Ceremonies for 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver)

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week kicked off Thursday night in New York City, but as American designers showcase their latest collections and sip champagne at posh “post-fashion show” shindigs, our neighbors up north host an even bigger party: The 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver.

As models walk the catwalk, athletes who trained their whole lives enter the stadium during the opening ceremonies representing their country as one of the best in the world. For many athletes, it’s a once in a lifetime experience. Unless the athlete is a top contender for a gold medal… that pan shot in the “parade of nations” may be the only moment they get on television. There’s no question that during that brief shining moment… they’ll want to look their best.

(Team USA takes their walk at 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing)

In years past… it’s been a hit and miss for Team USA, but ever since the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing… the athletes look pretty sharp, and with good reason. After receiving mixed reviews entering the world stage, the US Olympic Committee enlisted the help of American fashion legend, Ralph Lauren.

There are plenty of great designers with outstanding collections featured at Fashion Week, Vera Wang's breathtaking designs not only graced the catwalk and red carpet, but the ice skating rink. In fact, her designs earned her a spot in the US Figure Skating Hall of Fame.

(Olympic Silver-Medalist Nancy Kerrigan in Vera Wang figure skating dress encrusted in Swarovski crystals)

As much as I love Vera Wang’s costumes for US Figure Skaters like Nancy Kerrigan and Michelle Kwan, I don’t think anything says “All-American” more than the Polo Ralph Lauren label. The style, cut, and construction of his garments are perfect for athletes.

(Team USA Closing Ceremonies Ensemble by Ralph Lauren)

Many people would assume dressing athletes is easy. They’re toned, fit, clean-cut, and for the most part… good-looking, but designing an outfit that’s flattering to hundreds of people who range from petite to hefty is no easy feat. And I’m sure many fashion-enthusiasts will agree, if you’re looking for someone who makes red, white, and blue look good… Ralph Lauren is your “go-to” guy.

The opening and closing ceremony outfits are available for purchase on the Ralph Lauren website, but be advised: dressing like a champion comes at a pretty penny. Although Polo keeps a tight lip on the deal, the Wall Street Journal says the US Olympic Committee has negotiated a deal with Ralph Lauren to dress Team USA for the 2012 Summer Games in London. So as athletes strut through the fashion-forward city… land of Burberry, Stella McCartney, and Dior’s John Galliano… they can keep doing the catwalk.


Priscilla Luong once had Olympic dreams and visions of donning a Vera Wang figure skating costume of her own. Like many Asian-American girls, she idolized Kristi Yamaguchi and Michelle Kwan. In fact… Priscilla was so inspired, she took figure skating lessons, and soon found out, that she was the sorriest sight you’d ever see on ice skates. If you’d like to give her ice skating lessons or share her love for Team USA ice dancing pair, Tanith Belbin and Benjamin Agosto, e-mail her at

Cecilia Yip's husband cheating or NOT?

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Hong Kong tabloid has once again sensationalised an innocent incident and blew it out of proportion. This time the victim of public sympathy is actress Cecilia Yip whose husband has been acused of cheating and showing public affection to his "love interest" whilst his wife is in China working.One would think that after 20 something years of marriage the couple's relationship would be rock solid

Zhang Ziyi accused of pocketing donations

There has been claims that the "Memoir of a Geisha" actress Zhang Ziyi has pocketed part of the donations that was raised for the Sichuan earthquake relief. It is an absurd claim in my opinion. Why on earth would she take the money and for what purpose? She is arguably the most famous Chinese actress in the world and probably making millions from her movies not to mention she is a movie producer

Chow Yun-fat ditches about having kids

You've got to hand it to Chow Yun-fat when it comes to silencing the press with his wicked sense of humour.Amid persistent rumours about his mum forcing the Confucius star to procreate at 55, and how the pressure to have an heir is making him seriously considering hiring a surrogate mum (his wife of 23 years, Jasmine, is already in her 50s too), the Hong Kong movie icon could still hold a

China fines pop stars for lip-syncing

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Well done to the China for being the first to impose law that penalise singers for lip-syncing. For the like of Britney Spear and Ashley Simpsons that have been caught lip-syncing you better stay away from China as the Chinese don't tolerate it.Channel News Asia reports ...Two Chinese pop stars have become the first victims of a ban on the use of lip-syncing in concerts introduced last year

What is all the fuss about Super Bowl?

I really don't understand what all the fuss is about that even Australian television broadcast on the Superbowl game. Excuse me for my ignorant about this "super" sport but I live down under and it is an obvious enough reason that I don't know and don't care much about it. The game on Sunday, Feb 7th apparently have 106.5 millions viewers tuned in in the US. Wow!!!!!! When is the Australian

Jacky Chan look-a-like in Singapore

This is a picuture of a man named Mr Chong who owns a small business selling seafood in Singapore. Do you think he looks like the famous Chinese martial arts actor Jacky Chan? Mr Chong was often mistaken for the famous actor and in some occasions people would ask him for his autograph. If you look closely he does not look like Jacky Chan at all other than the similar hairdo. Credit to

Kwon Sang-woo hospitalised

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Kwon Sang-woo on the Feb 4 was filming a scene for the movie Into the Gunfire when he complained of pain. The director quickly advised him to check into a nearby hospital for check up. It appears that the handsome actor is not in any serious harm and will return to work soon. Into the Gunfire commenced filming late last year with star cast including Cha Seung-won, Kim Seung-woo.

Miriam Yeung's husband birthday surprise

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Hong Kong's singer and actress Miriam Yeung's birthday was on Feb 3rd. She was in Shanghai promoting her new film with Alan Tam when her husband Real Ting make a surprise appearance showing up with a set of amethyst snowflake crystals for Miriam as a birthday gift. Calling her his goddess, Real also organised for both sides of the family to be at Shanghai to celebrate her birthday.

Bizarre game show.. pillow fight

This video is so funny. Its not an everyday thing that you get to witness 2 grown adults playing pillow fight. And its funiier when you see a guy got beaten by a girl

TV Trends: MTV's "Jersey Shore" Starts Them Young?!

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People say kids are growing up faster nowadays... and in this case? Boys are speaking the "Bro Code" before they're old enough to write a whole paragraph. One of the latest leaks on "" spoofs MTV's hit show, "Jersey Shore," and if you haven't seen it... the show is "Real World" meets Spring Break on none other than the Tri-State area's favorite playground (hence, the show's namesake).

Kids say the darndest things don't they? I can't say I'm a fan of the show... "Jersey Shore," puts viewers in an awkward situation, where it's like a train wreck... a total disaster. As you watch "Jersey Shore," you think to yourself "oh my goodness, this is so horrible," but for some reason you can't stop watching.

The first time I watched "Jersey Shore," was at the gym while I was on the cardio machines, I scanned through the usual news stations, and then I saw J-Wow make a scene at a nightclub... and I thought to myself: "for shame, Priscilla, for shame... MTV is on your college Murtaugh List... go back to watching Anderson Cooper, news is the real reality, STOP WATCHING J-WOW!" Personally, I'd love to see network executives bring the music back to MTV, but the folks behind programming sure know how to keep viewers tuned-in.

Needless to say, it's the latest reality show that's got people talking... but for me... I think "Jersey Shore" is too much. The shock value hooks you in just like some of the other shows on the network, but with all the drama... do you think the show is here to stay? Or is it a trend that's going to die out from MTV along with the music?

There's a saying in show business, if you're being 'spoofed,' you know you've made it... I don't think “Jersey Shore” has the success potential of "Real World," which has been running for 23-seasons and counting, but like the crazy characters that drive viewers to watch... you never know what's going to happen on the "Jersey Shore."

And it looks like… they’re already grooming the next cast…


Priscilla Luong thinks with Valentine's Day coming up, along with the music... MTV should bring back "Singled Out," another hit show that died out in the late 1990's. Hey, it's vintage, and it's much cooler than the "Love Connection!" Drop her a line or let her know what's spinning on your iPod at She needs new cardio music to distract her from J-Wow and Snooki...