Scientists kill cancer cells with "trojan horse"

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Australian scientists have made a break through for the treatment of cancer using a "trogan horse" method. Below is the article from Reuters, 29 June 2009.By Michael PerrySYDNEY - Australian scientists have developed a "trojan horse" therapy to combat cancer, using a bacterially-derived nano cell to penetrate and disarm the cancer cell before a second nano cell kills it with chemotherapy drugs.

'The Partner' Actor Lee Plays Flirty Lawyer

Heartthrob actor Lee Dong-wuk has made a comeback in a new drama series as a playful and snobbish lawyer. In his last drama, "Sweet Life," his melancholy character had melted the hearts of women viewers.In an interview during the premiere presentation of the new KBS2 Wednesday-Thursday series "The Partner", Lee--the lead actor--said, "We are filming intensely. I will do my absolute best."The

Gigi Leung wishes Ekin and Yoyo happy marriage

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Gigi Leung & Athena Chu at a Charity Bowling FunctionGigi Leung was invited as guest of honor to attend yesterday's "Yan Oi Tong Charity bowling tournament 2009" in Tuen Mun. Guests including Rain Li, Athena Chu, Ella Koon, William So and HotCha etc were there too.Gigi revealed that she hasn't been bowling for 2 years since she started having her nails manicure. She had been bowling with Andy

Megan Fox Has An Angelina Crush.. who doesn't?

Star of "Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen"super sexy Megan Fox Transformers hottie, Megan Fox, recently appeared on Letterman where she spilled the beans about her crush on superstar, Angelina Jolie.While discussing her love life, the 23-year-old beauty said, “I don’t think I’m capable of being a good wife to someone right now.”Foxy went on to say, “Every time a relationship ends, I say, ‘

Taylor Lautner Tired of Living in Robert Pattinson’s Shadow

Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black in the Twilight SagaTeam Edward is clearly winning as far as the twilight series goes. The self loathing vampire beats the angry werewolf hands down on the big screen. The truth seems to be the same in the real world too. Taylor dumped his hometown sweetheart so Selena Gomez, his Hollywood crush would date him. The two were steady for a while and then one day she

Myolie Wu is a guest at Miss Hong Kong 2009

Myolie Wu is a guest for the “2009 Miss Hong Kong Pagaent”, after she came in contact with the contestants, she feels that Number 4 (Sandy Lau) is quite friendly and is suitable to develop in the entertainment industry. Some say that the contestants this year is bad quality, Myolie expressed that they will get prettier as time goes by, she praises the contestants to have great body figures. For

Chinese pop singer Raymond Lam to start Asia tour in Vietnam

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Raymond Lam has chosen Vietnam as the first stop of his 2009 Asia tour. He will perform in Ho Chi Minh City on July 22.Raymond Lam, also known for his television acting on Hong Kong’s leading broadcaster TVB, will bring about a colorful music environment, featuring his pop ballads with a twist. He will sing with various tempos on many of his most popular songs. At the opening concert of the tour,

Leighton Meester Sex Tape bid reach US$1 Million

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Leighton Meester, a Star of the TV show "Gossip girl" is in the middle of a sex tape scandal. Recently spotted outside her Mahattan Hotel, Meester still smiles for the camera not shying at all about her current predicament. Spotted outside her Manhattan Hotel in NY City on June 25(Photo credit to via Celebrity Gossip)Rumour has been going around that her sex tape has reached a bid of US

King of Pop Michael Jackson Died at 50

According to reports, the King of Pop Michael Jackson died from poor health early today in Los Angeles. Some sources say that Jackson gone into a deeper coma and never regain consciousness.The pop singer is 50 this years old and was about to go on tour.[Read the rest of the story here]

Aaron Kwok and Shu Qi at "City Under Seige" opening ceremony

HONG KONG - Yesterday at Yeun Long movie studio, the cast of "City Under Seige" Aaron Kwok, Shu Qi, Zhang Jing Chu and director Benny Chan held a praying ceremony for the movie. This movie is about mutants and it is considered to be an Eastern version of Hollywood movie "Wolverine" starring Hugh Jackman.Director Benny Chan revealed that Aaron plays a mutant in the film who undergoes various

Kpop: Girls’ Generation Poised to Break Own Record with 2nd Mini-album

This is a 9 members Kpop group - Girls' Generation. What is the point of having 9 people in a group. It's not like they all have different voices that make a difference in their songs. They all sound the same to me, so why 9, isn't it a bit of a crowd?? Anyway KBS reports ....The nine-member girl-band Girls' Generation soared to stardom early this year with its song “Gee.” In an interview that

Choi Ji-woo Donates W100 Million for Poor Children

A generous Choi Ji-woo Korean Chosun news reports...Actress Choi Ji-woo (Stairway to Heaven) will donate a W100 (A$105,000) million worth of scholarships for poor students in Busan, her hometown. The Busan Office of Education on Wednesday (24/6) said the actress will hand out the scholarships when she attends a campaign aimed at improving the educational environment and nurturing human resources

Jet Li has taken up Singapore Citizenship

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Chinese action star Jet Li has taken up Singapore citizenship and bought a property in the city state worth nearly 20 million Singapore dollars (US$14 million), according to a report Wednesday.The Business Times did not say when the Beijing-born star took up his new nationality or bought the upmarket property. It did not give its source.Singapore's Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA)

Heidi Klum: pregnancy giving her "love handles"

Model Heidi Klum arrives at the 2009 CFDA Fashion Awards in New York June 15, 2009. [Agencies] Heidi Klum - who is expecting her fourth child - has revealed her pregnancy is making her gain weight in very unflattering places.Heidi Klum says pregnancy is giving her "love handles".The German supermodel - who already raises three children, Leni, five, Henry, three, and two-year-old Johan, with

Gigi Lai confirmed not pregnant

Gigi Lai in a recent interview has confirmed that she's not pregnant, yet!, but hoping to have a tiger baby by 2010.Hunan News reportsTranslation by: mediachamber.netSince wedding to wealthy businessman Ma Ting Keung 5 months ago, Gigi Lai has been constantly rumored in being pregnant almost every few months.On the 11th June, Gigi was interviewed by the Hong Kong press and revealed for the first

Catherine Hung and Zhang Dan Feng tied the knot

On June 20, Catherine Hung Yan (38) wedded mainland actor Zhang Dan Feng (27) ending their 4 years courtship. The bride and groom said their vows in front of family and friends. Zhang has promised to love his wife forever despite there is a 11 years gap between the two. Love really have no boundaries, the couple despite the age differnent seem to be very in love. The bridal party: (L) Ada, Yoyo,

Would you wear this.....?

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I am not too sure if you can call this lingerie (picture above) but this is the outfit that won second place in the "Vietnam Lingerie Designing" competition.This is not something I would wear but I have to say that there are two very interesting pieces of design, creative is the word. Something that you would see on Project Runway?

SKorean group Wondergirls to make US debut

South Korea's top female pop group Wondergirls will make their debut in the United States this summer, releasing an album in English and joining U.S. idol group Jonas Brothers on a concert tour, according to JYP Entertainment, one of South Korea’s leading agencies.The all-girl band recently signed a management contract with the Jonas Group and Hollywood's Creative Artists Agency (CAA) will be

Rain settles US lawsuit

South Korean pop singer and actor Rain (real name is Jung Ji-hoon) has settled a lawsuit over his cancelled concert in Honollulu in 2007. Back in March of this year, Rain was ordered by Hawaii court to pay up $8 million to Click Entertainment, the US based company that promoted Rain's concert. The settlement amount was not disclosed however many reports have suggested that the settlement amount

Kristen Stewart has a new look.... and it's not nice!

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What the ....?Kristen Stewart's new hair cut look awful! Who ever it was that cut that hair for her should be shot. It doesn't suit her and she looks mean. This is not the look of Bella that our the handsome Edward falls in love with. In fact, i think if Edward see Bella with that hair cut, he might decide to drink her blood and change her into a vampire. She already looks like one, so he might

Jessica Alba poses for Elle Magazine

Hot mum Jessica Alba (28) shoots a series of fashion-featured photos for Elle magazine looking hotter than ever. The mother of one gave birth to a baby girl Honor Maree Warren on June 7, 2008. She has managed to get herself back into shape after one year and she looks stunning.

Ada Choi nominated for "Best Female Award"

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Ada Choi as Jessica in "The Gem of Life"Ada Choi has been nominated for the Best Female Award for her role as Jessica at this year's Shanghai Television Festival Magnolia Award. She played a smart, manipulative, "selfish and scheming" person who would not stop at anything to get to her goal..... to be rich and powerful. Ada said that this role has been her best performance to date and that she

OMG Chk-Chk Boom girl to record an album

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OMG, so you think the story of Claire Werbeloff accidentally landed fame from her "Chk-Chk Boom" slogan has died, gone and dusted but NO... she's back and now recording an album according to Who knew that the girl could sing?? Hey, you don't really need to know how to sing, it's a popularity contest not talent!!! article below:"AFTER signing PR guru Max Markson as her new

Britney Spears announces first Australian Tour

The pop princess Britney Spears in coming down under... hooray...!! I am going for sure.For the first time in her career Britney Spears will be touring Australia. Britney Spears in association with Dainty Consolidated Entertainment brings "The Circus Starring Britney Spears" Down Under in November."The Circus Starring Britney Spears" is a first of it's kind, incorporating a dazzling display of

Blind Japanese pianist wins prestigious award

I came across this story and thought that it has such an inspirational value that I have to share with you. Nobuyuki Tsujii, a 20 years old Japanese pianist has been blind since birth. On Sunday he became the first Asian and the first blind pianist to win the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition in Fort Worth, Texas. An achievement that many talented pianist would only dream of achieving

Sophie's (Zhang Ziyi) Revenge

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Sophie's Revenge is a romantic comedy movie, a collaboration of Chinese and Korean actors starring Zhang Ziyi, So Ji-sub, Fan Bingbing, Ruby Lin, Yao Chen, Peter Ho. Director: Jin YimengWriter: Jin YimengCountry: China/South KoreaLanguage: MandarinRelease Date (China): August 14, 2009About the film:Comic book artist Sophie is a lovely and carefree girl brimming with creativity. She and her

Panda ambassador Song Hye-Kyo

South Korean actress Song Hye-Kyo, who has been named "Asia's panda ambassador", visited a panda breeding center in Chengdu earlier this month.Song Hye-Kyo plays with giant pandas during her visit to a panda breeding center in Chengdu, southwestern China's Sichuan Province. Song in simple make up and looking as gorgeous as ever The panda is really enjoying her company. It looks like it's smiling

Bae Yong-joon Named Honorary Curator of Japanese Museum

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Korean Wave star Bae Yong-joon has been named honorary curator of Iwayama Lacquer Art Museum in Japan. The museum is operated by Korean lacquer artist Jun Yong-bok, who has gained worldwide recognition, and is the largest of its kind in the world.Bae's agency, BOF, says the actor is currently writing a book on Korean culture and that he visited Japan secretly in February to learn lacquer art from

No Rain on his parade

Rain's latest album - "Eternal Rain"His reputation has taken a severe beating and his assets frozen since losing a lawsuit in Hawaii after abruptly cancelling a concert there in 2007, but South Korean superstar Rain is not ready to retreat into the shadows just yet.Instead, the defeat has spurred him to work even harder to pay the US$8 million fine.His no show cost Honolulu-based concert agency

Choi Si Won shows off muscles on “Men’s Health”

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Super Junior member, Choi Si Won (22) made the front cover of “Men’s Health” magazine for June issue. According to his management, they’ve been ‘watching’ his progress closely, and invited him to be on the cover to show off his hidden muscular (super hot) body. “Choi Si Won, who usually has a slim physique, faced a rumor that he had a hard time managing his body.” and so they want to show off

Official New Moon trailer finally out

I love this, I cannot wait for the movie to come out. Arghhhh......On, and I have to thank this Director to give RobPat new clothes. He's actually wearing a suits that makes him look like he's a wealthy boy. Not that same old grey jacket that he wore at every scenes in the last Twilight movie. Nevertheless, it's so good to see the trailer, it means that the movie won't be far away.

Edison Chen In World Exclusive TV Interview On CNN’s Talk Asia

A remorseful Edison ChenRecently, Edison Chen accepted an interview with CNN's 'Talk Asia', during which the nude photo scandal was the main focus of the programme's host. Thinking back to the past, Edison recalls and expressed that then, the girls featured in the nude photos all posed willingly.Edison expressed that even though there were many rumours and groundless allegations, however, a year

Mulan movie trailer released

Starlight International Media Group just released the trailer movie Mulan starring Chinese actress Vicki Zhao Wei as the legendary heroine Mulan, Chen Kun, Jayce Chan, Vitas (a Russian singer) and Hu Chun.

Gigi Lai is 4 months pregnant (?)

Yesterday, Gigi Lai Chi (38) was spotted wearing a lose fitted dress (above) exposing a rather round stomach. This picture fuelled speculation by Hong Kong media that she's pregnant. Some says that she is about 4 months pregnant to husband of 3 months Patrick Ma (52). The pair wedded in February this year. According to Hong Kong media, the couple is expecting a baby boy.Gigi and husband Patrick