Michelle Ye overworked, falls to the ground during film promotion

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Yesterday Michelle Ye arrived in Beijing to attend a promotional event for her new film. When she was on stage, she suddenly collapsed to the ground. The people that stood next to her quickly helped her go backstage. White lips were seen on Michelle, after resting a bit, she felt better and said the reason was because of extreme fatigue.In Beijing yesterday, Michelle attended the poster

Ju Ji-hyun has a secret....?

and it is more than just a fan.“The Snow Flower and the Secret Fan” actress played narrator in the trailer for her upcoming Hollywood flick. Ji-hyun, who took english classes in the USA between her acting gigs, had her voiceover featured at the very beginning of the movie’s trailer. Click here to listen to her English in Training. She is the very first South Korean celebrity to be featured as a

Moses Chan and Aimee Chan secretly dating?

Since Bernice Liu Bik Yee left Moses Chan Ho for the wealthy Alastair Lam, 39-year-old Moses’ feelings were deeply hurt. In the last few months, Moses appeared tired and haggard. His recent liveliness was attributed to a rumored two-month romance with TVB colleague, Aimee Chan Yan Mei! Last week, Moses allegedly spent one night at Aimee’s house and was photographed by the paparazzi leaving her

Tavia Yeung not competing with Charmaine Sheh

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Since Tavia Yeung's portrayal of the evil Yiu Kam Ling in Beyond the Realm of Conscience, she quickly made it up top. Soon after, she breaks into the Mainland market like a tiger seeking intently. At last she was given an opportunity over the Lunar New Year to shoot her first Mainland drama Hengdian for two months. Although she sacrificed her own long holiday break in exchange fot 7 figures of

Raymond Wong With Wife & Son Kayden

The baby photo is here!Raymond Wong welcomed a baby son earlier this week and he named the new born Kayden. He disclosed he was in the delivery room with wife that day and it was a very memorable moment."I almost cried along with her," he said. "My wife was had a c-section for me. Really is unforgettable."The new dad expressed the new life motivates him to have new goals and earn more money.

Virgina Lok praises Myolie Wu & Fala Chen to replace Charmaine Sheh

TVB has many popular stars working for them, although they are known as the local leader in the TV industry, their salaries for shooting series are low. Their artists are forced to jump over to Mainland for high pay. Facing the departure of several Siu Sang and FaDans, TVB of course does not dare to neglect them. In charge of the Artistes Department, TVB executive Virgina Lok is dying to plan the

Charlene Choi denies disturbing Miriam yeung

Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) attended the "EPS Mystery Garden" opening ceremony. The day before, Ah Sa and Miriam attended the IFPI awards together and clashed shoes. Also, Miriam Yeung exposed earlier in a Taiwan interview that she was once disturbed by a third person. As Ronald Cheng is Ah Sa's ex-lover, she naturally became one of the suspects. Ah Sa was shocked when she heard this: "Me? I believe I

Adorable Kim Bum on GQ

Yeeeeaaaahhh… I don’t have much to say about Kim Bum‘s “dandy guy” shoot for GQ Korea, other than he’s adorable. But it’s Kim Bum, so what else is new? The guy’s practically built his recent career on simultaneously looking boyish AND all grown-up. (The “grown up” part is a relative distinction; compare him now to, say, way back in the day.)(The accompanying article/promo material calls his ‘do a

Sonija Kwok appearance at fashion show sparks pregnancy rumour

Modeling a wedding dress at a Dorian Ho fashion show, 36-year-old Sonija Kwok Sin Leiappeared with a fuller face, 34C bust, thickened waist and added flesh on her backside. Her bloated figure resembled a woman who was pregnant. Getting married at the end of the year with 31-year-old action choreographer, Zhu Xiaojie, rumors were rampant that Sonija was with child.Crowned Miss Hong Kong 1999,

Chilam Cheung Reveals Bare Chest in Concert

Completing his first concert performance at the Hong Kong Coliseum yesterday, Chilam Cheung dressed as an astronaut and revealed his six-pack abdomen. He also paid tribute to the late Leslie Cheung. Charlene Choi and the Grasshoppers appeared as guest performers.Chilam’s wife, Anita Yuen Wing Yee, Christine Ng Wing Mei, Chingmy Yau Suk Ching, and Shum Ka Wai attended the concert. At the concert,

Fala Chen new hair cut

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Do you like her hair cut? Do you think it suits her?

Charlene Choi's new song


Hyun Bin in uniform photos released

The first pics of Hyun Bin in uniform while at Basic Training were released recently. He seems to be doing well and is said to be a good example to the other young recruits. Glad to see that Binne is doing well, HOOAH!Via OSEN

Lee Seon-kyun for Esquire, back on the big screen in May

Lee Seon-kyun (Petty Romance, Pasta) poses in a spread for Esquire that can only be described as The Voice Meets The Manpurse. Gotta love a man who’s not scared to accessorize, or carry a big purse. He’s also got a movie hitting theaters in May, just in time to cure my Lee-Seon-kyun syndrome.Not that it’s really an ailment I want to be cured of.He’s starring in the action comedy Arrest King [체포왕]

Niki Chow to Replace Charmaine Sheh’s Position at TVB?

In order to film TVB Producer Lee Tim Sing’s My Cruel Lover , Niki Chow Lai Kei terminated her former BMA music contract early at the beginning of the year. Niki’s former love rival, Charmaine Sheh Si Man, was rumored to leave TVB and film in China instead for more money. Due to TVB’s lack of fadans, Tim Gor encouraged Niki to sign a management contract with TVB. Tim Gor even promised Niki that

Sammi Cheng: “I Was Once a Selfish Lover”

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Since reuniting her romantic relationship with Andy Hui Chi On, Sammi Cheng Sau Man has been in extremely good spirits. At the Hong Kong International Film Festival unveiled the day before, Sammi attended Media Asia’s film festival activities. Sammi will be filming a new film directed by Wai Ka Fai, High Altitude Love 2 <高海拔之恋2> shortly.Sammi stated, ”Recently, directors like to cast me in love

Deep V-25th Anniversary Concert of Vivian Chow

March 19,2011 marked the opening night of Deep V-25th Anniversary concert of Vivian Chow Wai Mun in Hong Kong. Vivian, at the age of 43, still has glamorous looks and performed at the concert with beautifully designed stage outfits. Vivian sang most of her all time favourite songs and entertained her audiences with sexy and eye-catching stage outfits. Vivian invited Hacken Lee and Hins Cheung as

Mighty Mouth ft Soya – Tok Tok music video

Korean music video for Tok Tok by hip hop duo Mighty Mouth, featuring female singer Soya (not in the vid). Rookie Lee Soo-bin starred in the MV. Decent song…

My Princess : Episode 2

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Shin Min Ah for “Sure”

Known for her uncomplicated style and long, flowing locks, actress Shin Min Ah went for a daring change for her latest photoshoot with “Sure.”Her mise-en-scene photoshoot called for a variety of hair transformations, which were all welcomed with open arms by the actress. She stated, “Like makeup and fashion, hair styles have the ability of expressing certain emotions and images.”Because she’s a

Kim So-yeon to take on Coffee?

Will Kim So-yeon be filling the spot vacated by Lee Da-hae? It looks like the big-budget spy melodrama Coffee is finally getting back on its feet after some huge production delays. And uh…not to lead the parade or anything, but if I were casting a spytastic movie, historical or not, I’d have started by knocking on Kim So-yeon’s door. Did you SEE her one-episode stint on IRIS-spinoff Athena? Rest

My Princess : Episode 1

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