Vintage Priscilla: Mommy and Me

Sunday, May 9, 2010

(Me, Circa 1985: This was my life before hairspray, but if you've ever seen me when I wake up in the morning... some things never change!)

News hair is no easy feat... but she who can help me conquer **THIS** bad hair day, can conquer the world!

Mom is many things to many people, but she will always be queen of my heart :). She's my best friend, and if you notice our dynamic, at times, my mother is also the big sister I never had. I would need all the fingers and toes in the newsroom, plus the sales department... and then some, to count all the fashion disasters Mom has rescued me from!

My mother lives in Asia right now, so she might be 8,000+ miles away, but I'll admit... I still call her... ALL the time, for everything... which goes to show, you're never too old to need your mother, and loving her... never goes go out of style.

Happy Mother's Day, to all the Moms out there!

(April 2010: On the red carpet at the "De Mai Tinh/A Fool For Love" movie premiere in Saigon, Vietnam in cocktail dresses from our favorite Vietnamese designer Nguyen Cong Tri (KIN Boutique: 194 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, District 3, HCMC)... I'd be in serious "girl code" violation if I told you how old she is... but I hope I can age as gracefully! 25-years later, she's still everything I want to be...)

Priscilla Luong has fond memories of being a little girl who'd sit inside Mom's monstrous closet thinking "someday I want to be as pretty and glamorous as Mommy, and wear all her beautiful clothes!" And... she grew up to be, about the same dress size, let's not talk about our jeans... it makes Priscilla feel like the ugly stepsister! Send her your adorable (and embarrassing!) baby pictures at


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